A Tolerant society survives only if it becomes Intolerant to the Intolerant

EVERY Human should be INTOLERANT to any GENOCIDE that is happening under their noses.

No GENOCIDE should be accepted for any reason! PERIOD. It is a reality (a sad reality) that humans from various political systems accept a Genocide because it is framed either as an act of “protection/revenge” for a so-called “mistreating of a group” (proven or unproven, happening now or that might have happened sometimes in the past), or for naming the victim group with attributes that strike a national chord like “nazis”, or “terrorists”, or “communists”, or the worst reason, that “others have done the same 20 or 50 years ago in other countries” so it should be ok to do that in what the power perceives to be “their territory”. No GENOCIDE should be accepted. PERIOD.

However, linkedin confused my INTOLERANCE towards the Genocide that the federation of the russians and of all the other imprisoned nations inside of it is conducting in Ukraine, and linkedin confused it with “hate speech”. Regardless of how many times I have explained to their “safety content consultants” that my messages are an educated and systematic way of questioning the superiority of the russian political system that is being pushed upon the Ukrainians by using bombs and a Genocide, linkedin didn’t want to allow my profile to continue to exist. I have captured at the end of this article my conversations with linkedin for the sake of giving my linkedin profile a proper “burial”.

The principle of INTOLERANCE to the INTOLERANT works only in a society (including a virtual society like linkedin) in which education prevails over confusion and ignorance. By killing my profile, linkedin acted exactly like any authoritarian system that kills (a profile) that they feel is threatening to their business. By killing my profile, linkedin showed that business has more power over societal evolution or over doing the right thing. From linkedin’s point of view, it is not their business to allow on their platform educated opinions that defend a sovereign nation that is under an externally conducted Genocide, but moreover, it is THEIR JOB to make sure that the humans from the federation of the russians don’t get offended while they access linkedin either from a NATO country where they chose to live in, or while using VPN to access the linkedin platform which is forbidden in this particular federation.

The learning is that by being INTOLERANT in an educated manner to the INTOLERANT group that is committing and supporting a Genocide, you put yourself in a vulnerable position in which an authoritarian regime eliminates you (or your profile) under the pretext that you are INTOLERANT. The whole principle of being Intolerant to the Intolerant is flawed by the Ignorance and the lack of Education of the Authority.

I’ll share further my messages on the overall invasion, on the mentality of the humans from the federation of the russians, and on why it is crucial to take a stand now (especially if you’re not an oligarch controlling a whole media trust):

  1. Why is this conflict (invasion) more special than the other ones in the world?

It is not. No group of humans should suffer the oppression of another group of humans. One thing that one might notice is that in this conflict it is straightforward to understand that the Genocide is driven from the outside upon a sovereign nation and for really bogus reasons. There should be no holding back in supporting the victim group, but let’s understand what makes some humans hesitate.

2. “Ukraine was bombing Donbas for 8 years.”

Check to see what Donetsk looks like after being “bombed by Ukraine for 8 years”, as the russians claim, and check to see how Mariuopol looks like after being “liberated” by the federation of the russians in 3 months. It is up to each one of us to want to see the difference or not.

3. “Ukraine was mistreating the russian speakers in Ukraine and the federation of the russians had to jump in to protect them”

The best way to understand Ukraine from this point of view is by taking a look at Belgium and Switzerland. Now imagine that a neighboring country claims that either Belgium or Switzerland is mistreating the Dutch speakers, the French speakers, the German speakers, or the Italian speakers and needs to jump in and bomb mostly the cities in which those speakers live.

If there is one thing that the federation of the russians managed to kill in Ukraine, it is the russian language. When the Ukrainians from Odesa SWITCH to speaking mostly Ukrainian, you know that culturally the federation of the russians lost Ukraine forever. Do you know which language was the 2nd most spoken language in the US until the first WW? Search and be amazed and see if you can connect it to the deeds of the initiators of WW1. In an authoritarian system like the federation of the russians, education is not the most important thing, so it is obvious that nothing was learned from past mistakes.

As a side note, some Ukrainians do feel more connected to the ideas of the federation of the russians versus Ukraine’s, but that is either because they have the means to grab more power with a regime change, or their education makes them not understand that Ukraine gives many more rights to its citizens versus the federation of the russians. This is nothing special as there are many humans from hierarchical countries that are part of the EU and they still chose to believe the messages sent out by their local oligarchs claiming that the EU is enslaving them, versus seeing who is actually responsible for taking the country’s resources from them.

4. “The Americans are sacrificing Ukraine in their fight against the federation of the russians”

To understand Ukraine’s wishes you have to look at Chechenia and the two wars that the federation of the russians waged against them in 1996 and in 1999 (in 1999 after they took a break and regrouped to completely obliterate Grozny). There is a chance that the Ukrainians are grateful for the help that the US (and other evolved countries) are giving them, but we have to accept that it is because the Ukrainians ASK for that help. NOBODY is pushing weapons on Ukrainians, forcing them to fight a war for someone else (like gospodin kadirov might be doing with the Chechens). We have to remember what happened to Chechenia and the fact that the US and British intelligence were publicly announcing that the federation of the russians will invade Ukraine. The US also offered the current Ukrainian leadership a safe way out of Ukraine in the first days of the invasion, but Mr. Zelensky refused it (by the way, Mr. Zelensky is another russian-speaker born Ukrainian that has fully switched to speaking Ukrainian; also with Jewish heritage if any of that matter in the whole “nazi” thing).

If Chechenya would have had the option of being helped by the US, by the Maldives, or by any other country, they would have taken that help. It’s not even 25 years since the 2nd Chechen war ended and now the Chechens are dying shoulder to shoulder next to the Bashkirs (that were used in the Chechen invasions), in a war that doesn’t bring them anything and that is only a repetition of the same russian colonial playbook.

No matter how much the anti-vaxers are claiming that it’s the Americans that are fighting the federation of russia in Ukraine, it is the Ukrainians that are protecting their Nation from being swiped out from the face of the earth by a power of the past.

5. “We want peace in Europe so stop arming Ukraine”

If you want peace, stand with the victim. Ask the federation of the russians to exit the sovereign country of Ukraine. If you wanted peace, you would have supported Moldova when it was invaded by this federation (but maybe that wasn’t transparent enough), you would have supported Chechenia when this federation claimed that they are fighting “terrorists”, you would have supported Georgia when this federation took part of its territory, you would have supported Ukraine in 2014 when this federation annexed Crimea and invaded Donbas. In general, in any walk of life, it is not wise to accept “peace” under the conditions of the perpetrator.

There are many conflicts around the globe, but in this one, humans from a political system with obviously fewer Human Rights and Freedoms try to convince Humans from a political system in which there are many more Human rights and Freedoms that their way is wrong and they should pay for it by dying. No war should be Tolerated, but this war shows us that nothing was learned from the past unreasonable wars. This war is done from an “offended” point of view, claiming that if it was possible to invade a country in 2003 when there was no Social media and public opinion wasn’t that powerful, it is ok to do a similar thing now in front of the cameras while having the atrocities documented in details on social media because the ignorance of the humans is perceived to be at the same level as 20 years ago.

Also, in the first months of this invasion, the military support from the evolved countries came mostly in the last moments, and only after it was obvious what the Ukrainians want and that they are ready to sacrifice their everything in order to stay a sovereign nation.

6. “Look what others did in other countries, so the federation of the russians is just protecting their rights… to do their Genocide wherever they want”


What is different now versus 2003, is the fact that there are Social Media platforms that can allow humans to stay connected and inform each other and inspire each other with ideas. This is an option available only until platforms like linkedin kill those profiles. So we have to remember that nothing is for granted and no good development is IRREVERSIBLE.

Another thing that is different now versus 1971 is that in 1971 when the humans from the political system that was invading a sovereign country found out what is going on, they rose against their leadership and demanded the stop of that war. Now, even the humans from this federation that managed to run away from their oppressive system and found comfort in a NATO country, even those humans demand their freedom and right to support their identity that is strengthened by the Genocide that their federation is committing in Ukraine.

Now we’re getting to the main points from my posts that linkedin confused with “hate speech”. The posts might have been demeaning or condescending towards the superiority of a federation that is using Genocide to attract a sovereign country in its sphere of influence, but the posts were definitely not “hate speech”.

7. I highlighted the hypocrisy and confusion of the humans from the federation of the russians that are living in a NATO country and are CLAIMING their Rights to Freely support the oppressive regime (they run away from) that is conducting a Genocide in Ukraine.

Apparently, this was offensive to the humans identifying as russians, and linkedin agreed that it is better to kill my profile than to let my educated messages reach out to them and inspire them to transform their political system into a modern power.

I claimed that this invasion is “all russians’ fault”. When we are talking about an oppressive system that pushes out its citizens, who then chose to live in a NATO country and from where they continue to support the same behaviors of their initial political system, one must evaluate the limits of the reach of their current educational methods and of constructive integration of foreigners. It is important to be TOLERANT to any human, especially to the ones coming from oppressive political systems, but it is NAIVE to believe that they will naturally understand and value the sacrifices done by the ancestors of the humans from these evolved political systems in achieving such a high level of comfort for the majority of the humans living there.

The transformation of the russian political system can come ONLY FROM THE INSIDE. Not necessarily from the inside of the federation, but from the inside of the culture, mostly from its citizens that got to understand the value of the evolved political systems, and the “coincidence” that an evolved country could also be part of NATO, without NATO being its most important attribute. Here is a video of such a russian citizen, with whom I agree, and admire his courage:

Coming back to the reasons behind my message that this invasion is “all russian’s fault”, in hierarchical societies humans are educated to either be OBEDIENT or to NOT TALK POLITICS. While many hierarchical societies only mistreat their own citizens, this federation is systematically invading other sovereign countries and decimating their humans, while their citizens are either applauding this or are staying silent because they were educated to not talk politics. My messages have the purpose of getting them out of that comfort zone and forcing them to either side with the ones that are publicly applauding for these Genocides (and feel the consequences of that) or take a stand against such Genocides as other responsible humans did in 1971 or in 2003. Remember that taking responsibility is NOT NATURAL for humans educated in oppressive systems.

Another interesting thing is the fact that no matter how poor the citizens of the federation of the russians are, they are educated to believe that their political system is superior. Corrupt but Superior. Hence, I have written a message asking for a petition for all these citizens to be deported from NATO countries back to their Superior system that is “protecting” them from NATO with this Genocide in Ukraine. If one looks at the message in the context of the federation of the russians being just another poor and corrupt country, it is easily accepted that the message might be offensive. But the message is written in the context of a Superior political system. Imagine that I would ask for a petition for all Swiss citizens to be deported from North Korea. Would that be offensive? Maybe someone would ask, why? Is there a danger to them? It is rare that anyone would take this “petition for the deportation of the Swiss nationals from North Korea” as wrongdoing against the Swiss group of humans. Using this analogy, I have asked for a petition for the “deporting of the russians from NATO countries” so that they are forced to take a conscious choice and ask themselves: why are they living in a NATO country? is it possible that the same behaviors that their political system is committing with this Genocide in Ukraine, pushed them out of their home country? is it really a good thing that another country is pushed to adopt the russian way? is it correct that other humans have to die so that their identity gets a boost of pseudo-power?

It is NAIVE to believe that humans that were educated to NOT TALK POLITICS or to put the most value on POWER, will suddenly evolve and adapt to the “democratic political system” and protect the other humans’ rights around them, so focused EDUCATION needs to be enabled. Social media has advantages and disadvantages and while the advantage is that they connect us all over the world and enable us to inspire each other, one obvious disadvantage is the fact that a social media platform will most likely favor the business that they might get from the humans of the federation of the russians that are accessing the platform through VPN, versus allowing my profile to exist that might be transmitting educated messages in order to raise the right public opinion to oppose a GENOCIDE in action.

The federation of the russians can be transformed into a political system of the future, but not in the way other political systems have evolved, because, obviously, the external environment has changed in the meantime.

By standing with Ukraine, any citizen from the world protects the evolution of the world to this more comfortable point (versus 1939, 1971, or 2003).


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