Anti-TOXIC Wise Email Reply

PRICE: 10 , the first one is free (up to a 500 words context).

This is a service for anyone that feels overwhelmed by the TOXIC emails they receive from their colleagues and bosses.

The purpose is to send an Anti-TOXIC Wise reply through which you keep in balance the following:

  • you acknowledge the request
  • you protect yourself and your resources from suffering over someone else’s mistake
  • you convey that you are strong and powerful and people should respect that
  • you convey that your actions are aligned to the needs of the organization but not to someone’s agenda

How it works:

In the email that opens when you Fast Order this service, Paste the text of the email for which you want us to prepare a Wise Anti Toxic Reply for you. Please add the basics: your relationship with the person to which you’re replying, your and their culture, and any past frictions. You can add as many details as you feel needed while keeping in mind YOUR time.

The first reply or recommendation we prepare for you is FREE, and after that, the charging happens for every new request based on the length of the context (at every 500 words 10€). We use Revolut, or direct bank transfer, (Paypal +9%). We are open to other payment methods given that the service charges are paid by the requester.

Are you interested in this Service?

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