Out of Depression – for “Guardian Angels”

Depression is paralyzing. Most of the time, the humans that have entered a Depressive negative cycle can not exit it on their own, neither can they reach out to a professional, until something extreme happens. After something extreme has happened, they are open to taking the guidance of a specialized psychotherapist, sometimes including medication.

In case you know someone that might be struggling with depression and didn’t reach yet the state of something extreme, reach out to us. There are many ways to tap into their resources, break the negative cycle and inspire them to shift towards a more fulfilling life. Each human is different hence establishing contact with the one struggling with Depression varies. The context is important, so please share it briefly when contacting us.

The price of this service is 30% less than the standard service (see below) because it rewards a person (a Guardian Angel) for taking care of another person. It consists of 4 sessions and various exercises or simulations meant to inspire the person struggling with depression to tap into their resources.

You can order the service below, but please add the context as well when contacting us.

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