About us

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to Inspire all groups of humans to live together in One Consensus-Driven World, accepting all of their differences.

Our Vision:

There will be a point in time when there will be no more wars, and humans will solely focus on keeping up with the environment and the technological advancements while being aware of their own culture and of the ones of the other groups of humans.

Our values:

  1. Long Term Partnerships, – supporting a partner long term in their journey in their continuously changing environment brigns us a high level of satisfaction.
  2. Finding Solutions to complex challenges, – group behavior, regardless if societal, organizational or other, has a complex dynamic and finding the best solution in a given situation is very rewarding for us.
  3. Keeping things real and practical. – no matter the goal of the organization, we find it inspiring to provide the working variants, the best approaches, and the reactions of the environment and of the internal stake holders to the stated goals.

Short Bio

George Lupascu-Pruna is a Licensed Practitioner on Organizational Culture and Cultural Differences since 2015 and during this time he has led more than 30 Diagnosis and Transformation projects for companies in various industries, including in Accounting, Agro, Audit, Automotive, Banking, E-commerce, IT, Law, Logistics, Recruitment, Retail, and Services, in various countries around the world. 

His background in Industrial engineering helped him keep things very practical with respect to paradigms like Organizational Culture and Transformation for the benefit of his partners and their business results. Some of the usual challenges he helps solve are on decreasing the turn-over of people, on increasing the collaboration between departments and units, on removing communication barriers and frictions between units, on removing leadership practices that were demotivating people, on creating envisioning company missions and clear visions, or on adjusting the recruitment and on-boarding systems to be efficient for the particular local cultures, among other.

George believes that any corporate challenge can be solved, or at least diagnosed, and there can be always a way to bring more value to the organization, regardless of what its leaders consider that to be (the value).

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