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We use Culture as a way to understand group behavior, to understand the tendencies people have in a particular group be that a department, organization, or a neighborhood, city or country. We focus on using Culture in a way to drive in a tangible manner the Group behavior towards a more constructive side.

More on Organizational Culture

By properly measuring the Organizational culture, one can understand also the following:

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More on the Metrics in general and the metric of culture

Culture is just a METRIC that allows us to understand the behaviors of any group of Humans.

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What is Culture?

Culture is a metric which allows us to understand the tendencies a group of humans have in comparison to other groups of humans.

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Is there a difference between Organizational and National Culture?

Yes. National culture allows us to understand the tendencies of a particular group of humans, while Organizational Culture allows us to predict the success of the company they work for.

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Can you export a functional Organizational Culture to other subsidiaries?

No. The simplest way to understand it is to imagine that one would export the good behaviors of a human personality to a different human personality.

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Do Organizational Transformations take long?

If done in the right way, they can take between 6 to 18 months, depending on the Organization’s starting situation.

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Are the workshops on Cultural Differences teaching stereotypes?

Not if they are done by professionals. Yes, if they are done by “travelers” that unconsciously convey just the stereotypes.

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Isn’t social media erasing the cultural differences?

No. Social media is actually adding to the complexity of the concept of “living together”, because individuals chose to identify with groups’ doctrines based on external attributes that they share.

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