Hear From Our Happy Clients

We are content to have been able to be there for our partners, when they needed to find out fast the reason for a higher than usual attrition, for being overwhelmed after a successful expansion, for a tougher atmosphere in the organization and other such challenges. They have rewarded us with their kind feedback.

with his appreciative, respectful, compassionate way i was able to broaden my perspective in all dimensions. at the lowest point in my life he helped me to stand up again. he was never judgmental always supportive. i will be forever grateful to George !

Good evening George!

As we reach the end of this year, a few people came to my mind and you being one of them, I just wanted to drop a few lines to say thank you, that I appreciate what you do, your time and the sessions we had via zoom… only now I learnt how profoundly healing it has been for me and I am very grateful God has given me the opportunity (the blessing!) to have had those sessions.

I did not know how much a heavyweight I was carrying regarding my work experiences and how it affected other areas of my personal life.

I am most profoundly and wholeheartedly grateful for this year, it has been an incredible journey of growth and I thank you for the impact you have had on it!


(the original is in Romanian below the line)

Life is an ongoing experience, full of opportunities or barriers.

If in our first meetings, we were nervous about the project, about the people, about the new, but with our wish to learn and develop a business to support the social activity, during our journey together, we found an open man, warm, pleasant, which wholeheartedly shared from the expertise and the experience of his own business, in order to encourage us and with the purpose of finding solutions for us to develop the business we’ve started.

George offered us pleasant learning moments, with new ideas, with solutions which we didn’t take into consideration, with critical thinking, both short and long term, with clear objectives and a well-defined action plan.

I remembered that our mind limits us, and for this we have solutions.

Thank you, George, for the information, support, and for the hours you’ve given us! For all of these, we thank you, with gratitude!


Viata este o continua experienta, plina de oportunitati sau piedici.

Daca la inceputul intalnirilor am avut emotii legate de proeict, de oameni, de nou, dar cu dorinta de a invata si dezvolta o afacere care sa sustina activitatea sociala, pe parcurs, am intalnit un om deschis, cald, placut, care cu drag a impartasit din tainele si experientele afacerii sale, pentru a ne incuraja si a gasi solutii pentru dezvoltarea afacerii incepute.

George ne-a oferit  momente de invatare placute, cu idei noi, cu solutii pe care noi nu le-am gandit, cu gandire critica, pe termne scurt si lung, cu obiective bine conturate si un plan de actiune corespunzator.

Mi-ai amintit  ca mintea noastra ne pune limite, si pentru asta avem solutii.

Multumim George pentru informatii, sustinere si orele daruite! Pentru toate acestea multumim, cu recunostinta!

George is an excellent communicator and a methodical therapist. His time management skills and quick explanation of key issues are noteworthy. It was a pleasure working with him to improve my cultural awareness. I wish him and Reliable Culture a grand success.

Sid Business intelligence, IT consultant

I have appreciated a lot the sessions with George, as we’ve managed to reconcile some of the events from my past and release their limiting effects on my daily actions and thoughts. Overall, my level of Anxiety has decreased considerably, and I could also understand why some things happening in my daily life would affect me more than others, sometimes keeping me in a low energy state, and blocking me from progressing towards my goals and desires. The advice on the local culture in which I was operating was also useful, so overall I recommend George’s programs to whoever needs to bring their Anxiety under control, especially if they work in a foreign environment.

M. International French Teacher

We have invited George to do an Organizational Culture Diagnosis on our extended management team, in order to find ways to improve our overall efficiency and put light on the things that weren’t going as expected in the team at that time. It was very good to receive objective confirmatory feedback on the many things we were doing intuitively correct and which had a positive impact on the way our people worked, and at the same time, it was helpful to put light on the things that weren’t happening yet, although we thought the actions we’ve taken addressed them by that time. All the information we received with the help of George determined us to try different approaches and to see new perspectives. We are very satisfied with George’s expertise and his tools, and we recommend his services to any organization that needs to drive its development in a sustainable and precise manner.

I had the pleasure of involving George in my Leadership evaluation. His tools and expertise were very helpful in identifying my areas where I could improve. In particular, I liked the fact that it emphasized on my leadership skills in the context of my department and team needs. Of course, it was very reassuring to understand that most of the behaviors that were natural to me, were also in line with the needs of my team and our results, but it was also very helpful to get feedback on some of the possible nuances to be adjusted in my behaviors towards my team and peers. I am extremely satisfied with the precision and conciseness George advised me, and I strongly recommend his service to any executive that needs this type of focused evaluation of their leadership style.

I have worked with George on evaluating my Leadership Style, both in the position I was in for a year already, as well as across cultures. His experience across cultures and the researched instruments he is using were very helpful in identifying subtle nuances in my behaviors that generally are considered very positive, but when working in that position in Sweden, they needed further adjustment. The evaluation was also very helpful in confirming that some of my natural behaviors that were required in my function were very constructive and accepted by my team, although the general recommendations when working in Sweden claimed the opposite. I’m very satisfied with the results of the evaluation done by George and I recommend his services to any executive that needs to do fine adjustments in their behaviors in order to drive their organization to deliver breakthrough results.

Cristian M. Senior Project Manager, Clothing-retail Corporation

We have worked with George on a project to get a better insight into the Organizational Culture we had in our company so that we better align our practices to our goals. It was very useful to have the possibility to evaluate the Organizational culture on sub-cultures, as it allowed us to see that we had a unified approach across the organization and also a high degree of alignment between the two big teams, but at the same time, it also allowed us to see the differences in the things we had to improve in each of them to increase the overall engagement of our developers. Overall the project was very useful, and I recommend George’s expertise and tools to any company that feels they can benefit from having their people more engaged and also more clarity on their Organizational Culture.

I had the pleasure of working with George on diagnosing the Actual Organizational culture in one of our management teams with the purpose of developing its collective mentality towards a more innovative one. I have appreciated the fact that he is using researched instruments on Organizational Culture that managed to point out the things which we were doing very good in the present, but also the things that used to be constructive only in the past, and proved to actually be blocking us in the present with our current goals. I thank George for his involvement and support during this project, and I’m looking forward to working with him in the future in even more complex transformation projects!

Thx for [the webinar], your time, and your perspectives. There is definitely a lot of complex information there that was a bit overwhelming for me at first. In the beginning, I thought what is this system and how do I use or apply it to me??

But, as you went through the material and applied it to our situations it began to make sense. With your calm guidance, it helped to give me some major missing puzzle pieces that I hope to now be able to integrate as I navigate some major life changes.

It’s funny when I most need it, a messenger appears with an important message at exactly the right time. It has always been this way as long as I remain open to receiving the message.

[The webinar] was great as usual. You answered my stress issue:). I think you are absolutely right. İn [my country] to avoid stress is so difficult. I will follow your events. I like the way you present the subjects. Your events are very informative, well organized, and understandable. I started to give my attention from negative to positive things in my life to transform the energy coming from anger -anxiety instead of focusing on the reasons for them. ‘Cos the reasons don’t have an end in life:))) Thank you 😊

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