Workshops on Cultural Differences

When to use this service?

This service is designed for organizations that feel some of their professionals have difficulties in collaborating efficiently with colleagues from other cultures, regardless if that is remotely or live.

The difficulties can range from frustration and constant fighting and all the way to projects blocked and missed milestones.

How does it work?

The purpose of these workshops is to open up the participants to opposite values so that they understand better their foreign peers and can find functional solutions to their communication and collaboration difficulties. Every workshop is different because every time the group is different. In every workshop, we focus on the perceptions of the individuals attending based on the general tendencies of the various cultures.

Pricing, Time, and Effort:

These workshops can take from 1/2 day and all the way to 2 days and can happen live or online (in sessions of a maximum 1/2 days).

Ongoing support after the workshop can be arranged.

The workshop can be delivered to any group from any culture in English.

Would you like to order it?

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