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More than 15 Years of Experience in Corporate Psychology

More than 15 Years of Experience in Corporate Psychology

Understanding Group Behavior, the reasons for its dysfunctionalities and the most efficient ways to drive it towards a more useful way, is our specialty. We mostly work at the Organizational Culture level, but we reach out across cultures as well and touch the Societal levels whenever needed.
We keep the paradigms of Culture, Organizational Culture and Cultural Differences very practical and tangible, as we anchor them with concepts from System theory, Calculus and Algorithms.

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We are certified to use Culture in a Rigorous manner.


Regardless of the part of the world you’re in, we will offer you the support you need, adjusted to your industry, to your local culture and to your goals!

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Testimonials From Our Happy Clients

I’ve worked with George on an Executive evaluation versus the needed Optimal Culture in the organization and was satisfied with the results and with the overall process. It was useful to identify some of the executive behaviors that were intuitively driving the culture in the right direction, as well as some behaviors that needed to be adjusted, either because of the local culture or because they didn’t fit anymore the needs of the business in the current context. The experience of getting this level of feedback from colleagues and George’s guidance in interpreting this was enlightening and a useful tool to help me make mindful decisions. I recommend using this approach, either to tap into the fine executive adjustments needed during tough external circumstances or when some leadership misalignment can be felt in the organization. I’m looking forward to working with George on future projects!

We have worked with George on an organizational culture evaluation project applied in our leadership team in the company, and the results were very useful. This project involved several discussions with George and each time he was very open to provide us as much advice and information as possible to help us in the analysis. His systematic and organized approach is extremely useful in projects that are of such high complexity.

We have worked with George on evaluating and diagnosing the Organizational culture both in the leadership team, as well as in one of our newly restructured departments, and every time the insights we’ve got were very useful and practical. We have our own vision and our own organizational development plan, and it is always very useful to understand which of our actions have already been fruitful with respect to how people work, and which have to be adjusted further so that we can get on board all of our professionals in our vision and in the development of our business, and George’s tools and expertise helped us very efficiently. We are looking forward to continuing our collaboration with George on other projects! 

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Transitioning to Working from Home

Even when people are not next to each other or don’t see each other, but interact with each other, you have an Organizational Culture, and this Organizational Culture can be your best friend during hard times releasing energies which were untapped before.

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