Using Diversity and Driving Inclusion

When to use this service?

This service is designed to address any statistical systematic disfavoring or any frictions between groups on the various axes of Diversity, either at the societal level or at the organizational level.

If any of the below questions get a Yes from you, this service might be suitable for you:

  • Group frictions at the societal level are impacting your organization.
  • The current strategy acknowledges the importance of Diversity but its approach is based on percentages and not on a coherent vision and strategy.
  • Some professionals get disengaged because efficiency and skills don’t seem to matter anymore.
  • Some professionals tend to hide behind “politically correct” slogans while silently rejecting professionals from other groups.

How does it work?

This service consists of a series of workshops meant to:

  1. Create an internal diverse team of trainers to drive Inclusion on all of the Axes of Diversity.
  2. Analyze the various existing programs and action plans existing in the organization and adjust them in a way to achieve practical results fast in the direction of a much more Inclusive environment.
  3. Prepare simulations, exercises and training material to correctly address the various limitations the individuals from various groups hold deep inside, preventing them to accept professionals from other groups.
  4. Create an attractive Vision to shift the focus from the differences between the various groups of people, towards the common goal.
  5. Everything is done mindful of all of the societal trends in the world and their connections to the local environment.


  1. Driving Inclusion across several Axes of Diversity is not a one-person show, or even a one group show.
  2. There is always a Team of trainers that are involved in this type of education, because Empathy across groups has big limitations, hence the one trainer can’t convey everything to everyone.
  3. It is very rare that one individual is impacted only by one of the Axes of Diversity (from a statistically disfavored point of view or from an ignorant point of view) hence Monoaxial programs on Diversity are more likely to fail.
  4. There are two key elements to successfully create a program on Diversity and Inclusion: Expertise on Group Behavior and Empathy (if not across cultures, at least individual Empathy).

Pricing, Time, and Effort:

€1650 Per day of Intervention.

€39500 Per one-year full package.

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