Using Diversity and Driving Inclusion

When to use this service?

This service is designed for organizations that feel some of their professionals are being harassed at work for various reasons, or there is high segregation between various groups of professionals on the different diversity axes.

How does it work?

This service consists of a series of workshops meant to:

  1. analyze the existing local diversity
  2. give insights into the axis of diversity that exist outside of the local environment
  3. drive empathy among the participants to be able to open up and accept things that go against their cultural programming
  4. integrate this diversity into the business/societal strategy in a functional way
  5. shift the focus and the envisioning from the differences among groups of people, towards the common goal

Pricing, Time, and Effort:

The Price depends on the complexity of the intervention and on the number of professionals that are involved.

As for the Timeline, the workshops can be organized in half days sessions or in 1.5 hours sessions.

Throughout the journey, you can count on our support.

Long term partners get discounted prices for appreciating our skills in the long run.

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