Between Inspiring Asylum Seekers and Feeding Their Anger (Online via zoom)

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TitleBetween Inspiring Asylum Seekers and Feeding Their Anger
Date, Start Time and Duration2nd of April 2024
Start 8:00 AM EDT (UTC-4)
End 11:50 AM EDT (UTC-4)
Brief DescriptionIn this Workshop we will train the trainers to be able to create practical systematic solutions to the various complexities around immigration from countries hit by conflicts in order to keep a Healthy Mature balance between providing for the asylum seekers and the local population.
Price€950 per trainer

The seats are limited so we will prioritize the trainers that convey their need to take part in this Open course in the most compelling manner via the registration form.

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Available Seats8 seats left
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Full DescriptionIn this session we will prepare the trainers that work with asylum seekers on a daily basis to practically use the differences between the cultural values in order to make sense of the complexity of the situation at home.

It is of utmost importance to be able to understand the complexity of the world, the various actions in the past, in order to identify the FEW constructive actions ahead so that the asylum seekers put part of their Energy into that, versus into the way of the past that didn’t bring anything good (historically proven over and over again)

It is also important to be able to inspire the asylum seeker to attract constructive change at home (directly or indirectly) by understanding the values of the society that granted them safety and thus by enabling them to stand up for those values.

Included in the price of this session are as well two hours of support for each of the trainers, to be used in the following three months, at a date and time agreed at a comfortable time for both sides at least 2 weeks prior.
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