Transforming Anger and Anxiety into their Constructive Counterparts – FOR TRAINERS (Online via zoom)

About this course:

TitleTransforming Anger and Anxiety into their Constructive Counterparts – FOR TRAINERS
Date, Start Time and Duration21st of March 2024
Start 8:00 AM EDT (UTC-4)
End 11:50 AM EDT (UTC-4)
Brief DescriptionIn this workshop we aim at arming the Trainers with practical tools in order to Inspire the humans coming from different cultures to understand the Values of the local societies and make conscious choices about their behaviors and their prospects for a new fulfilling life.
Price€950 per trainer

The seats are limited so we will prioritize the trainers that convey their need to take part in this Open course in the most compelling manner via the registration form.

Soon after a successful registration, you will receive a link for the payment of the course. Once the payment goes through, your seat is confirmed.
Available SeatsRegistration still open
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Full DescriptionThis is a Train the Trainer Workshop designed for the Coaches that help individual humans overcome Traumas, Guilt, Remorse, Resentment and other unpleasant emotions caused by various circumstances of our lives.
The focus will be on understanding the system that can capture these emotions in a technical manner, and the mechanisms to trigger their transformation.
Every human is different, but we all experience these emotions, and while everyone overcomes them in a different manner, understanding the technicalities behind them can offer viable options for their transformation.

Included in the price of this session are as well two hours of support for each of the trainers, to be used in the following three months, at a date and time agreed at a comfortable time for both sides at least 2 weeks prior.
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