Immigration and Parenting – between raising successful citizens or creating terrorists (Online via zoom)

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TitleImmigration and Parenting – between raising successful citizens or creating terrorists
Date, Start Time and Duration12th of March 2024
Start 8:00 AM EDT (UTC-4)
End 11:50 AM EDT (UTC-4)
Brief DescriptionIn this workshop we provide the Trainer with the tools to help parents that have moved to a new country to distinguish between the Values they were raised with and the Values of the local society in order to consciously educate their children to live successful and fulfilling lives.
Price€950 per trainer

The seats are limited so we will prioritize the trainers that convey their need to take part in this Open course in the most compelling manner via the registration form.

Soon after a successful registration, you will receive a link for the payment of the course. Once the payment goes through, your seat is confirmed.
Available Seats8 Seats left
(updated weekly)
Registration PageClick here to register your intention to participate. (if this session is sold out, you can register and we’ll let you know when the next session on this topic is scheduled)
Full DescriptionWe are living in a very interconnected world enabling humans from all over the world to aspire to reach a society with more options for their lives.
In this session we will prepare the trainers to understand how the Cultural Differences are affecting the children of the parents that hold strong cultural values that are in the opposition with the values of the country they have chosen to raise their children in.

It is paramount to be able to transmit in a comprehensible manner at various levels of education how “economic development”, “personal comfort”, and other such societal aspects are in strong opposition with valued aspects from the home culture that pushed away the parents in the first place.

Failing to transmit to the children a coherent set of Values, without dichotomies, is of utmost importance for a fulfilling life of the 2nd generation children in the new society.

Included in the price of this session are as well two hours of support for each of the trainers, to be used in the following three months, at a date and time agreed at a comfortable time for both sides at least 2 weeks prior.


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