Aligning “fighting” departments/units

When to use this service?

This service is designed for Organizations or for a Consortium of organizations in which the departments or units developed a dysfunctional way of collaborating, to the detriment of the purposes of the entire organization.

How does it work?

We identify the series of reasons that led to this way of collaborating. Further, we prioritize them and focus on eliminating the most important ones, while aligning and refocusing the professionals on the common goals that can attract behaviors that make them need to work together efficiently.

All of these are achieved by using assessment instruments, workshops, qualitative interviews, monthly or quarterly reviews, and leadership evaluation tools and advising, with the minimum needed resources from the client’s side.

Pricing, Time, and Effort:

The Price depends on the complexity of the organization and its starting point in this journey. It is not connected to the hours spent by the consultant for the project.

As for the Timeline, it is needed approximately one month to pass the awareness and acknowledging phase and further 6 to 12 months for the positive change to be felt internally, independent of us, and our external support.

The Effort is mostly on our side, and we focus on enabling your professionals to focus on the business while empowering them to shift their ways of working towards the needed collaborative way. Throughout the journey, you can count on our support.

Long term partners get discounted prices for appreciating our skills in the long run.

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