Diagnosis of the Organisation’s Work Environment

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PRICE 250 eur.

Our clients use this service when they need to understand Fast and concisely how to tackle the main challenges their Organization is going through and can not afford to invest time, energy, and capital into improving everything that is recommended in the specialized literature.

Some more helpful questions to which the Diagnosis gives insights into the root cause:

  • do you have a high turnover of people?
  • are the main departments fighting with each other?
  • do you feel you have a toxic culture?
  • do you feel people are sabotaging each other?
  • do you have “office politics”?
  • are people hiding from responsibility?
  • are the projects stuck in complacency?
  • do you feel burdened by bureaucracy?
  • do you feel the leadership needs a drastic improvement?
  • are people making too much fun on the organization?
  • do you feel you have silos or cliques?
  • is it hard to receive reliable information on time?
  • does your organization feel like chaos?
  • does the leadership talk too much about “culture” to the extent that it doesn’t mean anything anymore?
  • do you feel any other vague issues regarding the way people work together?

PRICE: 250 eur

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