Neutralizing Anxiety – a ThanksGiving initiative to give back

For this Thanksgiving, we want to give back to the Universe a little from what we have, so here is a commitment-free possibility for you to neutralize some of your Anxiety.

Use it if you feel overwhelmed, stressed out, guilty, naive, anxious, angry, on the edge, or other unpleasant emotions, if you feel that there is a lot of injustice or unfairness around you, maybe you feel disappointment, resentment, unappreciated, failed, rejected, or any other such negative states that seem to come over and over again and distract you from the happy life you should be living, take this service! It’s a GUARANTEE that even after this 30-minute session you will feel relieved, with more clarity and more energized.

Pricing, Time, and Effort:

Free of charge. (One session per person.)

In case you are searching for a full support package, check out this service:

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