Work Process Optimization / More Productivity

This service is for managers that want to improve a particular process. If you answer yes to any of the following statements, this service might be for your organization:

  • You feel that some people waste too much time in carring out their process based tasks.
  • You feel that there is too much bureaucracy in a particular process.
  • You feel that there are too many people working in a particular process and the organization is wasting money.
  • You feel that a particular process takes too much time from your team.

The service consists of:

  • measuring the process,
  • identifying the bottlenecks,
  • identifying the deadtimes,
  • identifying the waste
  • optimising the process in order to reduce the bottlenecks, deadtimes and waste
  • install a tracking system to ensure the process is improved in th elong run
  • train all the participants to the process to work acording to the optimized process

Examples of Process Optimizations:

  • reducing the downtime between the production of different products on a packaging line
  • reducing the maintenance time on a continuous production process
  • improving the way the operators work on the production line in order to save 8 human hours
  • improving the way a material transaction process is done in order to eliminate unnecessary steps and simplify it

The price consists of a flat fee and a % of the saving it brings to the organization.

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