Executive Expat Coaching Across Cultures

When to use this service?

This service is designed for the Executives, Leaders, and Managers that feel that there are difficulties in the multicultural team that they are there to develop and deliver outstanding results, and understanding all of the nuances of their direct reports’ behaviors is exhausting.

How does it work?

We combine several instruments, according to the particular needs, and based on those and the challenges the leader feels they have, we tap into the particular research in order to adjust exactly what is needed in the behavior of the leader so that it triggers in the team a cascading positive effect. We combine several models on Cultural Differences, several practices on Engaging, Envisioning, and Energizing people from various cultures, and we are able to evaluate the Organizational Culture so that everything happens under a unified way forward for the benefit of all involved: the leader, the direct reports and the overall organization.

Pricing, Time, and Effort:

The price is €250 per hour.

Would you like to order it?

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