Individual Active Support during tough times

When to use this service?

If you feel overwhelmed, stressed out, guilty, anxious, angry, that there is a lot of injustice around you, unfairness, maybe you feel disappointment, resentment, unappreciated, failed, rejected, or any other such negative states which seem to come over and over again and distract you from the happy life you could be living.

How does it work?

It works like a Coaching session, over a virtual platform, focusing on transforming negative emotional energy.

We use several systems in order to enable the individual to tap into their resources and create the mechanisms to ongoing transform their negative emotions into actions that will create for them a more fulfilling life.

Some of the systems I’m using: The Anger and Anxiety maps, The energetic archetypes, IKIGAI, the duality of everything Yin-Yang, Cultural Differences in reality perception, and others.

Pricing, Time, and Effort:

The price throughout these tough times is $40 per hour. (preparation can be discussed)

Are you interested in this Service?

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