Individual Active Support

When to use this service?

If you feel overwhelmed, stressed out, guilty, anxious, angry, that there is a lot of injustice around you, unfairness, maybe you feel disappointment, resentment, unappreciated, failed, rejected, or any other such negative states which seem to come over and over again and distract you from the happy life you could be living.

How does it work?

In several sessions, we identify together the current challenges, the old traumas, the old fears that keep the person stuck, and their natural desires, we reframe some of the things to release their negative impact and create actions that will increase step by step the Emotional Energy of the person.

Pricing, Time, and Effort:

The price is 150 per hour (if paid via Paypal +9.5%).

For ad-hoc emergency sessions, the price is 50% more and there is an option for ongoing passive support (via email or a messaging app in between the sessions).

Are you interested in this Service?

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