ReliableCulture’s Leadership Academy

The program is designed for the middle and top management of any organization and has the purpose to develop the leaders in a focused manner adding the skills needed for the particular group of leaders as well as the individual personalities in their environment.

The program is virtual and lasts for 6 months for a maximum of 12 leaders and is always adjusted to the needs of the organization, as discussed with the internal owner of the program. Each standard session takes several days to prepare but needs the team of the leaders to block their time only for half a day per module + another 2 hours for the homework that needs to be done by the next session. In case the optional steps were enabled, more time will be required from the participants proportionally to their needs.

StepTopicSub-topicsOptional step
Month 1The Basics of Leadership- Leadership styles
- Leadership and Strategy
- Leadership in the context of the sphere of operation of the organization
Individual Leadership coaching and solutioning of current challenges
Month 2Culture and Organizational Culture- What is Culture
- What is Organizational Culture
- The Ideal and Optimal Organizational Cultures
- The Organization's Actual Organizational Culture
Team Culture evaluation
Month 3Leadership across National cultures- National Culture
- Leadership tendencies in various cultures
- Leadership adaptation to the individual national Culture
Individual Cultural preferences versus the local environment
Month 4Team dynamics and forming the Team- Aligning the Team to the Local Culture
- Aligning the Team to the Strategy of the Organization
- Aligning the Team to their Function
Adjusting the recruitment and retention processes
Month 5Personality and Organizational Culture- Mitigating Personal tendencies with Cultural tendencies
- Adjusting individual behaviors to the Strategy of the Organization
Leadership coaching
Month 6Aligning Leadership with the Organizational Culture- Adapting Motivation, Engagement, Feedback, and Communication to the needs of the Organization and of the Individual LeaderAdjusting the R&R and other processes inside the organization

The cost is 6x €950.

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