Ad-hoc advice

This is a service to be used by anyone that needs support that is not really standard but many people go through such difficulties:

  • Preparing a Transformation program or an offer to be implemented with a provider of your own choice
  • Taking a Difficult Decision in business or in the personal life
  • Identifying and Removing a Cognitive Dissonance
  • Removing yourself from a situation that makes you feel stuck (the “golden handcuffs” syndrome)
  • Support in pitching to a customer on a particular sales deal
  • Evaluation of the behavior of a colleague or of someone close to you that puts you on your toes
  • Making sense of your values versus your business values versus your national culture values
  • Making sense of the politics in your country from a whole world perspective
  • Any vague situation or environment that makes you feel small, depleted of energy or stuck

The price is €150 per hour.

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