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We are content to have been able to be there for our partners, when they needed to find out fast the reason for a higher than usual attrition, for being overwhelmed after a successful expansion, for a tougher atmosphere in the organization and other such challenges. They have rewarded us with their kind feedback.

I’ve worked with George on an Executive evaluation versus the needed Optimal Culture in the organization and was satisfied with the results and with the overall process. It was useful to identify some of the executive behaviors that were intuitively driving the culture in the right direction, as well as some behaviors that needed to be adjusted, either because of the local culture or because they didn’t fit anymore the needs of the business in the current context. The experience of getting this level of feedback from colleagues and George’s guidance in interpreting this was enlightening and a useful tool to help me make mindful decisions. I recommend using this approach, either to tap into the fine executive adjustments needed during tough external circumstances or when some leadership misalignment can be felt in the organization. I’m looking forward to working with George on future projects!

We have worked with George on an organizational culture evaluation project applied in our leadership team in the company, and the results were very useful. This project involved several discussions with George and each time he was very open to provide us as much advice and information as possible to help us in the analysis. His systematic and organized approach is extremely useful in projects that are of such high complexity.

We have worked with George on evaluating and diagnosing the Organizational culture both in the leadership team, as well as in one of our newly restructured departments, and every time the insights we’ve got were very useful and practical. We have our own vision and our own organizational development plan, and it is always very useful to understand which of our actions have already been fruitful with respect to how people work, and which have to be adjusted further so that we can get on board all of our professionals in our vision and in the development of our business, and George’s tools and expertise helped us very efficiently. We are looking forward to continuing our collaboration with George on other projects! 

George helped us with evaluating the Organizational Culture in our recently restructured department, and the results were very helpful because we could see how far we’ve reached after we’ve implemented the changes. We were also able to identify the things that we did very well, and the things that needed to be further adjusted or conveyed in a different manner to our professionals. Based on the diagnosis, we could adjust our action plan and stream forward towards achieving the business goals we’ve set ourselves to achieve. I’m recommending George and his tools to anyone that needs clarity and alignment, and needs that in a fast and reliable manner.

George worked for us on a project on diagnosing the Organizational culture in our sales department, using
their researched instrument. The main purpose was to identify whether there is something that can be done in a focused way, to drive the overall atmosphere in the company to be more constructive. From the evaluation, we’ve got several points that weren’t obvious before on how the overall atmosphere in the company has taken a toll on the department, so based on the results we could inspire our people towards a more integrated way of collaborating.
I’m looking forward to working with George on a future project.

[This agro company] is a modern agricultural company, and our agronomists’ department was chosen for a team scan about 2 years ago. Scanning was quick and convenient, all process took about 15 minutes for each person, and I personally must admit that all questions were made extremely simple to understand. There was no way to choose the wrong answer, and every question was set very wisely, seeming no terrifying, safe, and easy to answer. I can say, this scanning was user-friendly before it becomes popular. As the result, we have detected no serious problems (which is good) and some troubles in our agronomists’ attitude to our clients (which is not a problem as long as agronomists are not sellers/buyers/call center operators, etc) Scan results were estimated as highly confident, helpful and interesting by company management, therefore I could recommend to go through such a scan to every company.

George is one of the most business savvy and culturally in tune professionals that I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know. His ability to transfer knowledge across nationalities and cultures and to help people and organisations to improve is next to none. A great guy to have on your side and a must have on a team before during and after periods of change to ensure measurable results are achieved.

We have been collaborating with George during one of our organizational culture internal assessments. Based on the results of the evaluation and his expertise we have got several practical directions to help us in taking some focused actions towards our goals. I’m looking forward to working with George on future projects.

I had the pleasure to involve George for a project and his methodical work was very helpful for me. We’ve managed to identify some of the issues that were not obvious, highlighting how some of the management systems disable more useful ones that were needed to deliver the Strategy. Moreover, some of the general recommended practices should not be applied in that org culture, as they were not natural or not fitting the people. I’m looking forward to our next project together.

It is rare that I see such an inspirational presentation. I attended one of his presentations called ‘The impact of Cultural Differences on Business’ and he impressed me by the way of approaching the subject, by the details that he got into in such a short time and by the solutions he embraced. Also he had a great vibe and is a positive presence and I find him great in working with people. I totally recommend collaborating with him!

Mr. George Lupascu worked for us on a project on diagnosing the Organizational culture in our operations department, using their researched instrument. Our main purpose was to identify whether there was something that could be done in a more focused way to drive our employee engagement higher and whether there were any aspects of our current way of working that were hindering us. From the results of the evaluation, we’ve understood both what we were doing right and had to continue to do, and we’ve received several points on which we could take action in order to eliminate some of the challenges, including advice on cultural differences in communication. I’m looking forward to working with George Lupascu on a future project.

George conducted a cross-cultural training webinar which I was part of. His approach was methodical, having a clear agenda and structure he worked through. George’s way of presenting was fact based but felt very personable and easy to digest. His examples were interesting and throughout the training he incorporated interactions with us attending the course, which created engagement, made it more interesting but above all made the material “stick”. I was glad I attended and would recommend George.

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