The Butterfly Effect in Organizational Transformation

Monarch butterfly

Wise Organizational Transformation is not about:

  • Convincing your people to do more
  • Adding all the management systems that other organizations are using so that you make sure you’re not missing any good trends
  • Reapply right away the newest way of working that made another company get great results in their industry

Wise Organizational Transformation is about:

  • Understanding the purpose of the Organization. Why does it exist? Does that still matter?
  • Understanding how its professionals are working together NOW. Any organization left on its own will develop itself according to how the external environment interacts with it, influenced by the personality of the main leaders, and of course, based on the local culture of the people that join the organization.
  • And the final big step is Focusing on changing only the things that matter either in order to bring more alignment between the group behaviors to the purpose of the organization, or to remove a barrier that was created as a response to a past trauma.

The butterfly effect of Organizational Transformations can be either a positive or a negative effect.

In a burdensome Transformation, there are lots of butterflies. Lots of little adjustments to various procedures, to various systems, to various org charts, the addition of new unnecessary meetings, and so on. Everything seems small enough that it is tempting to be added to the action plan, disregarding the distracting effect it has on the humans that should be better attracted to focus on their organization’s goal. These are all the little butterflies that an amateur transformation agent, that doesn’t understand how Organizational Culture works, exhaustively adds to an action plan.

There are also the positive butterflies, the addition of one simple meeting, or the removal of three others, the simplification of a procedure, understanding how group behavior works and how if people are Trusted (and Envisioned correctly) they will do the right thing, without having to capture everything in the procedure. This butterfly feels light from the outside in terms of, “Really? Only that was changed? And with such an effect?” and it feels light also from the inside in terms of: “Wow, now that I understand how group behavior works, I feel much more relieved, and can focus on the things that really matter, while enabling my people to do the same.”, and it has the positive cascading effect of attracting the professionals in groups to work better together, more autonomous, more aligned to the purpose of the organization and overall with less need to be steered from the leadership (removing the worry of having micromanagement).

If this sounds like something you would like for your organization let’s start with an Organizational Diagnosis! If you feel the butterflies in your stomach, no worries, I’ll be there to guide the program in a very transparent manner at all times, very considerate towards your organization’s needs!


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