The Enemies of Diversity

What is the biggest blockage in using the available Diversity and create a functional Inclusion?
As I have briefly captured this in the webinar on the 20th of Oct, the biggest barrier is our Identity, our affiliation to our cultures, and our groups, with or without their stigmas.
Work in this field will most likely not end in the next 50 years as we’ve seen already that access to information is not actually driving people closer to understanding each other, but on the contrary, it divides them more and faster on issues that otherwise would be “common sense” – wearing of the protective mask as a minimal measure against an unknown virus is such an issue. No one would have believed that this could be a driver in dividing people, but with the 2nd Enemy of Diversity, everything is possible.
The 2nd enemy of Diversity is Populism and it is used by some politicians in power to get even more power or to hold on to power by dividing people.

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As a rule of thumb, it is VERY hard to unite people (that might have just a few things in common), and it is really easy to Divide them, especially when you have social media platforms that are pragmatic enough to sell their attention space to anyone that wants to buy it and use it for their own interests.

So, what can we do about it? The first step is to understand our cultures. Some more ideas I’m capturing in the next article.


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