Transforming ANGER and ANXIETY


The two maps for ANGER and for ANXIETY (as presented in one of the webinars on Transforming Negative Emotions).

In the video below, I have captured the resources needed in order to set yourself towards durable fulfillment and overcome most of the barriers in your life.

  • Personal Boundary
  • Emotional Energy
  • Intellect
  • Decision making
  • Observing ego

A 2nd video depicting the Anger and the Anxiety maps:

If you feel you would need some Active Support (a few sessions to get you started and up to speed in identifying where you’re heading to), you can create your own price for this service, and book the service via the website. Based on your story (kindly, share briefly what is it that you’re looking for to solve with these Active Support sessions) I might assign one of the time slots I have available for Individual Active Support. The only constraint here is my time limitation.

About George Lupascu-Pruna

About George Lupascu-Pruna

George is a practitioner on Organizational Culture, Group behavior, and Cultural Differences, and has worked in many industries for many functions to help his partners drastically improve their ways of working.
If you would like to start a collaboration, and make a conscious shift as a Leader, or apply a Reliable Organizational Diagnosis, or develop a functional program on Driving more Inclusiveness,

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