How Teaching Empathy across Cultures/Groups works

  • 1. Somebody tells you that square A and square B have the same color (EXACTLY the same nuance). / E.g. For a particular group of Humans, X value is very important.
  • 2. Then it demonstrates that to you – see the pic below. / E.g. It shows you examples of how they express the X value.
  • 3. But until the Practitioner tells you to cover the noise from your context/education (literally put the fingers on the screen covering vertically what’s outside of the rectangle uniting the two squares), your brain will deceive you that the two squares have still slightly different shades, or that I might have changed the image to trick your brain.

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Teaching Empathy across Groups correctly is important when we can agree that the Earth and its resources are limited and some ideas are keeping groups of people paralyzed in fear (sometimes of each other) for the benefit of a few.

However, regardless of the level of paralysis, no group is worthy to be given up.

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