Using Diversity and Driving Inclusion

Diversity is, by far, the most significant source of Innovation for a company or society. However, without wise guidance, the humans composing this diversity fall prey to silo thinking or group thinking and turn against each other. Understanding Human nature, group thinking, and how culture works enable us to create the most diverse teams and empower them to work in a functional, Inclusive way (not just politically correct).

We use our understanding of the deep values of humans coming from various backgrounds (be those different countries, age generations, and so on), in order to identify the many things they have in common. Further, we use the Organizational Culture tools to create a Coherent Business Development Strategy, in a way that it will feel natural to all the groups and to the majority of the professionals. Next, we facilitate the creation of an aligned way of working that achieves this Strategy most effectively.

By using our experience in the values various groups hold, we functionally drive empathy so that the professionals that are part of the group can reach out to each other more comfortable and better use their differences to achieve an attractive business strategy.

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