Anxiety and Routines


Anxiety is a vague signal that tells us that something is not quite ok. All humans feel Anxiety from the early stages of their lives and very few manage to come close to not feeling any Anxiety at all in the last stages of their lives (a sort of a blissful acceptance), the only difference is how we all react to this signal, and what do we do with this energy.

Do we let Anxiety take over us? Do we let it push us into impulsive actions like overeating, overworking, overdrinking, or wasting hours scrolling on social networks? Do we let it take over our thinking process and further we see only the negative side of things? the empty half of the glass, and further, we alienate the majority of the people around us with that negativity?

Or do we acknowledge it, understand it, accept it and transform it into a useful energy? Unfortunately, this process is not very intuitive to be done alone, and because of the fact that there are many positive recommendations out there, it is not always easy to choose the thing that will help the particular human in their particular situation, with their unique way of being.

In the video below taken from a longer webinar on “The Radioactive nature of Anxiety”, I am capturing why the answer to Anxiety is not going into a random routine. In the process of taking Anxiety under control first comes understanding it, and how it is generated inside of us (sometimes in a unique manner), and only after that, creating, if it’s the case, a routine to keep our mental health protected. Entering into a “nice to have” routine but not into the most needed one for that particular human, might only backfire on us, as the nature of Anxiety is such that it makes us give up things easier than usual, including very healthy routines.

If you want to watch the whole webinar you can select it from this table, No 40.

If you know someone that is struggling with Anxiety or Depression and you want to help out, check out our support below.


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