Archive of available Webinars

In the table below you find the list of some of our webinars that were recorded with live audiences while being delivered in various places around the world. Each of the webinars has a preview available and in case you want to get access to any of them, contact us below and write the number of the desired webinar.

Access to each webinar costs €9 (via youtube) and it is available for a month since the moment it was granted.

2021.10.25The Psychology of CorruptionComing soon
2021.10.18If you want to lose weight, Sing!Coming soon
2021.10.11Just be Happy! In the flow... wait.. how?Coming soon
2021.09.13The Radioactive nature of Anxiety 2nd session52'18''
2021.08.16The Radioactive nature of Anxiety46'44''
2021.07.12Transforming Negative Emotions51'25''
2021.06.14Intro into Cultural Differences29'29''
2021.06.10Transforming Negative Emotions<55'36
2021.05.24The Psychology of Loneliness<48'35
2021.05.17Intro into Cultural Differences<65'34
2021.05.10Is it You, the Boss or the Organizational Culture<47'33
2021.04.26Intro into Cultural differences30'32
2021.04.19Borrowing and Transforming Negative Emotions<52'31
2021.04.12Surviving in a Negative Work Environment<70'30
2021.04.06Intro into cultural Differences<66'
2021.03.22Types of toxicity at work<38'
2021.03.17Borrowing Emotional issues<49'27
2021.03.02Why Organizational Changes fail<28'26
2021.02.27Borrowing Emotional issues<40'
2021.02.23Using Identity in order to Divide and Conquer<69'
2021.02.15Is it Me, the Boss, or the Organizational Culture<37'
2021.02.9Borrowing Emotional issues<42'22
2021.01.27Borrowing Emotional issues<36'21
2021.01.13Working in a Negative Workplace<65'20
2020.12.29Working in a Negative Workplace<80'19
2020.12.22Borrowing Emotional issues<55'18
2020.12.17Intro into Negative Organizational Cultures<106'17
2020.12.15In Search for Identity<110'
2020.12.01Conflict Management across cultures<20'15
2020.11.30Borrowing Emotional Issues<67'14
2020.11.25Intro into Negative Organizational Cultures<55'13
2020.11.19Intro into Transforming Negative Emotions<62'12
2020.11.03The Fight between Freedom and Equality<58'11
2020.10.27Acknowledging Diversity and Driving Inclusion<39'10
2020.10.20Intro into Diversity's Enemies<39'
2020.10.19Intro into Deconstructing Negative Emotions<46'8
2020.10.08Big Mistakes in Organizational Transformation Journeys<55'7
2020.10.06Tackling Conflicts at Work<39'6
2020.10.01Intro into Organizational Culture and how it can Overwhelm you<90'5
2020.09.23Big Mistakes in Organizational Transformation Journeys<92'4
2020.09.21Intro into Organizational Culture and how it can Overwhelm you<60'3
2020.08.13Supercharging your work-life in your Organizational Culture - about Organizational Culture<66'2
2020.08.06Supercharging your work-life in your Organizational Culture - about Culture<65'1

About George Lupascu-Pruna

About George Lupascu-Pruna

George is a practitioner on Organizational Culture, Group behavior, and Cultural Differences, and has worked in many industries for many functions to help his partners drastically improve their ways of working.
If you would like to start a collaboration, and make a conscious shift as a Leader, or apply a Reliable Organizational Diagnosis, or develop a functional program on Driving more Inclusiveness,

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