Mission, Vision, Values, and the Organizational Culture

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For any corporatist, the concepts of Mission, Vision, Values, and Culture sound familiar, but for most, unfortunately, they remind of “office politics”. Luckily, there are also a few companies that use these powerful paradigms in a practical manner.

Stating the Mission of a Company or of an Organization should be simple, right? However, many organizations state their Missions by making up a sentence that tries to capture everything that they do, while not being too long. Or they capture it to be aligned with a cool individual that resonates with the executives. All the companies that have a powerful Mission have it Simple, yes, but also Powerful, resonating with the entire company and with most of its history. Stating the Mission is not rocket science but it is not something to be done by a group of managers without deep expertise on Corporate Culture. In a nutshell, a Clear and Powerful Mission will guide an organization when tough Decisions need to be made and when the external environment changes or becomes challenging.

Stating the Vision is different than stating a Mission, and in a way, it is what some professionals have captured in “Start with the end in mind”. Having a Clear Vision allows an organization to go the extra mile and overcome unforeseen challenges with a relatively low emotional energy consumption.

The Values of an Organization are there to catalyze the humans of the Organization. In many cases, they are either too general or too abstract to have that power. The phrase “Leave My Values Alone, I Only Work Here” is a testimony to the less constructive manner in which the Values were used in many cases. Choosing the right Values will allow the organization to Empower, Engage, and Energize its humans across cultures, across professions, and across all the other axes of diversity. Choosing the most powerful Values is NOT done by internal brainstorming. Brainstorming helps with choosing some words to be put on the website, and it rarely achieves the value of having YOUR proper corporate Values. This process as well, is recommended to be done by a professional with expertise in Group behavior. As well, Corporate Values are NOT Personal Values and are definitely NOT Country Values.

Last but not least, and definitely the most powerful paradigm is the Organizational Culture, also known as the Corporate Culture. If a group of humans has an aligned and functional Corporate Culture, they can miss having stated all the other concepts (Mission, Vision, Values) and they will still be very successful. While it wouldn’t do it justice to capture the Corporate Culture in one paragraph, one thing is clear: the Corporate Culture paradigm is very tangible, it can be conceptualized, diagnosed, aligned, and transformed, but you need to have the expertise to do that or engage an expert to help you with that. We are these experts.

We can capture your Current Way of Working on Meaningful Corporate Culture Dimensions, we can help you focus your goals, highlight YOUR healthy dilemmas, and help you shift the group behaviors that are hindering you in achieving your goals in an aligned way of working called The OPTIMAL CULTURE to PERFORM.

Check out the limited offer we have on the starting point: the Organizational Diagnosis.


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