What do Humans want? Happiness, Success, and/or Freedom?


As I’ve captured in this webinar and in the 70 seconds clip below, everything a Human may want can be captured in a formula of Happiness, Success, and/or Freedom. This is an ongoing journey as no one ever achieves enough of them, or with a high enough frequency to declare themselves satisfied, plus the external environment is continuously changing making our desires look like they are moving further away from ourselves, so the pursuit lasts at least a lifetime.

An interesting part of our work is finding out together with our clients how they can give up a behavior that is very dear to them, a behavior that is part of them, a behavior with which they grew up and with which they lived their whole life so far, but a behavior (fueled by a belief) that is actually blocking them to move just a little outside of their comfort zone, but which will take them much closer to one of their goals, be that part of being Happier, Freer or more Successful. The Pursuit of Success is the clearest and part of that are all the books sold for that reason (as part of the authors’ success, as well), but sacrificing Happiness or Freedom for that Success, just so that later you try to buy them, is much more expensive than taking a holistic approach to life. As well, the needed high price makes some of the Successful humans stay trapped in a lonely fortress. Success is also the easiest to give up, while Freedom is the hardest to acquire, mostly because it is granted by all the other people, and by your individual wisdom into accepting what is not possible to change or what needs patience in order to slightly change.

The important part about this is that by not understanding what we want, or how we want things that might be excluding each other, we end up oscillating between tough choices, or staying stuck or lonely in an empty castle of success.

If you want to see the whole session you can select it from this table, No 38.

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